Monday, February 4, 2013

My new favorite website! (for now)
i swear i could spend forever on this website just shopping through all of the clothes and shoes they have on here. Its all literally stuff i would love to have in my closet (if i had a huge walk in closet bigger than my current bedroom). Oh and cant forget all of the amazing accessories they have on it!

Here's a screenshot of the opening screen

Monday, May 7, 2012

What did i learn in english?

          I didn't know what to expect when i first started in this class. i had never had a professor like Prof. Brady. I ended up learning a lot and actually enjoying the class. English has always been my favorite subject and it still is. 
          I think i took a lot away from this class. I am a better writer and reader now and i also think things through better now. I don't think ill ever be a poet but i definitely have a better understanding and appreciation for it. i think this was my favorite class this semester because we were never limited in what we wanted to talk about. we were always encouraged to speak our minds. My favorite lessons were the ones about poetry. I like having to think about what the author is trying to say and not being given the information directly. I have always like reading outside of school but i think now i might read books that i wouldn't have read before. 
          I don't know where I'm going to be in 5 years. Maybe ill be in a steady job and have my own place or maybe ill have no job and still be at home with my parents. All i can hope for is that i will be happy in whatever i'm doing. 

"The power of love" Celine Dion

Love is a powerful thing. It has the ability to warp the way people think and make their hearts melt. Wars have started and ended because of love. Most songs, books, and movies are about love. Whether it’s for a spouse or a family member, it is safe to say that love if one of the most powerful forces on earth. The poems Let me not to the marriage of true minds by William Shakespeare and Love is Strength by George MacDonald and the song Isn’t No Mountain High by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell are all about how strong love can truly be.
The poem Let me not to the marriage of true minds is about how strong love is and how it’s not just a temporary thing. It is something that lasts forever and can’t be broken. The line, “That looks on the tempests and is never shaken” (Shakespeare 6) is a perfect example of the theme. Love can go through the roughest storm where cars are flying, roofs are being ripped off houses and trees are being ripped from the earth and it isn’t even shaken. There is no damage to it whatsoever.
The poem Love is Strength is also an example of how strong love can be. It tells how love along is a great force. It holds people together. The first line of the poem, “Love alone is great in might” (MacDonald 1) is an example of this. It is saying how as long as people have love, they have all the strength they need.
In the song Ain’t No Mountain High they talk about how nothing can separate them. They will always be there for each other. The lyrics “Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough to keep me from getting to you” show how devoted the two people are to each other. They would do anything to be together and even those obstacles can’t keep them away from each other.
The tone of the poems and the song is hopeful and strong. They all are happy and hopeful that the two people will be together and will stay together because they love each other.
~Blog Assignment


     I liked the lesson about idealism and the the quote "Man is not perfect; nothing is perfect". I thought it was very true. Again, i liked in this lecture how we were allowed to come up with out own definition of Idealism. i also like learning about Hawthorne and how he was a transcendentalist. I agree with a lot of the quotes by the transcendentalist. I know that my favorite part of the campus is the garden in the spring time so i agree with that that is where the human spirit is free. 
~Class Lecture


       I think my favorite lecture was the one about poetry. I like listening to the lyrics and the poems and seeing how lyricists are really poets.I think using the slides to write the notes was easier especially since we didn't get to finish the slide show in class but we could still get the notes by posting them on the blog.I also liked the video from the Dead Poets Society. I thought it was very true what Robin Williams said in the clip about poetry. 
~Class Lecture


          I liked our class lecture on desire and how we listed everything we thought desire was. My favorite part was being able to offer examples of what we thought we desired. We took time to write in our notebooks all of our things before we shared with the class. I also liked how we were never given a sold definition of what desire was. we were allowed to inference what we thought to what we were going to read. 
~Class Lecture

"Besides the kids I have nothing to show wasted my years a fool of a wife" Mary J. Blige

             Post modernism is not a fantasy or a delusion. When an author writes a post modernism piece, they are writing the concrete facts. They write what the characters feel, say, and look like without dramatizing anything. All flaws are exposed to the readers, making the characters more realistic and less likely to be put on a pedestal. In Interpreter of maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri, Mr. Kapasi and Mrs. Das have their flaws highlighted the most. 
          Mrs. Das’ affair isn’t hidden. She tells Mr. Kapasi and the author doesn’t make it like nothing happened. She tells us that Bobby isn’t Mr. Das’ child and that he’s really his best friend’s son (Lahiri, 62). She is clearly guilty about this throughout the entire story because she goes to Mr. Kapasi to try and fix her problem (Lahiri, 65). This is something that many women go through. People cheat and don’t tell their spouse. It is a flaw that many people have and the author showed this. She didn’t ignore it in order to make life seem more perfect. Also Mr. Kapasi is in a bad marriage (Lahiri, 53). His wife is upset with him. She is mad because he couldn’t save their son and now he is out there helping other people at a doctor’s office. He also has thoughts about having an affair with Mrs. Das. This all is going through the characters’ heads while Mr. Das and the kids are just going around trying to experience a different place. The behavior and thoughts of the characters in this story show how truly complex the human being is.

~Blog Assignment