Monday, May 7, 2012


                   Throughout the entire play, all Stella wants to believe is that her husband is the best and that he can do no wrong. She tries to convince Blanche of this as well. After Stanley rapes Blanches, Stella is forced to either believe her sister and leave her husband or believe her husband and have her sister sent away. She makes her choice when she says, “I couldn't go on believing her story and live with Stanley” (Stella, 1232). Stella chooses to live in her own fantasy word, much like Blanche did. She doesn’t want to believe her sister and leave her husband. They just had a baby together and a woman living alone and with a child at that time was greatly frowned upon. She has Blanche sent away to a hospital even though it clearly hurt her to do so. She would rather not believe her sister and continue living with Stanley than be alone. 
                    When a tragedy happens, there are always people that are in denial. They don’t want to believe that it really happened because then they could continue living in their fantasy world. This is especially true if they had lost someone they love. They don’t want to believe that the person is never coming back. Some go as far as to even believe in their own fantasies. There are people that don’t like watching the news because they don’t want to face what is really happening in the world. They believe that being ignorant to reality will keep them safe.
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