Monday, May 7, 2012

"You can call me a sinner, you can call me a saint" Madonna

          People are constantly fighting about what law they should follow. Should they listen to their government and do exactly what is asked of them or should they do what they feel is right and suffer the consequences? A government is a body of people that controls an area. They are supposed to do what is right for the people in that area. Not everyone agrees with them though. Several people feel that if something is morally right to them then they should be allowed to do it. An example of moral vs. civil law is the debate of abortion. The government says that it is legal for women to have an abortion. It is their body and they can do whatever they want with it. However, there are many pro-life groups that think it shouldn’t be allowed. They feel it isn’t morally correct and that you are killing a human. In the play Antigone, Creon represents civil law and the government while Antigone represents moral law and fighting for what you think is right. 
          Creon feels that he is the leader of Thebes and he knows what is right for the people. He thinks that all people feel that Polyneices was a traitor because he fought against his own people. He makes a law that no one is allowed to bury him. He has to be left on the streets. He goes so far as to say, “You shall watch him chewed up by birds and dogs and violated” (Sophocles 1135). Antigone is the opposite. She feels that he was her brother and one wrong thing he did doesn’t make his entire life meaningless. She doesn’t think that Creon has the right to tell her not to bury her own brother. She lets this be known to Creon when she says, “yes, it was not Zeus that made the proclamation; nor did Justice” (Sophocles 1142). She defies him and buries her brother anyway. She didn’t care that she would be punished, in fact, she welcomed the consequences. She knew that it was morally right to bury her brother Polyneices just like her brother Eteocles had been. 
          In the end, Antigone is punished for her actions and dies while Creon has to suffer from his bad decision when his wife and son commit suicide. The play Antigone if just one example of when morals clash with the laws of our nation. It is an argument that will continue to be strongly fought for. Do we do what is expected of us and obey the law or do we do what we feel is right for ourselves and suffer the consequences just like Antigone did?
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